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Tools for Online Security and Privacy

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Your digital life is closely linked with the actual one, and the things you do and share online can affect you in more ways than you expect. That's why being careless about your privacy is risky. Effective security and privacy tools will help you stay safe online. From encrypted instant messengers to secure browsers and IoT firmware, these products and services are recommended by users and industry experts alike.

IoT security

The security market for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices is still emerging. However, that doesn’t mean your internet-connected cameras and smart TVs need less attention than your phone or laptop.

CUJO is a firewall that protects networks of smart home appliances from hacking and online threats.
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F-Secure SENSE
F-Secure SENSE is a security system for smart homes that creates a safe network of internet-connected devices and protects them from cyberattacks.
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