National Privacy Test
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The National Privacy Test (NPT) seeks to determine the global level of online privacy and cybersecurity awareness. We educate the general public about cyber threats and the importance of data and information security in the digital age.

We also provide tips on protecting yourself and your devices against fraud, cyberbullying, surveillance, advertiser tracking, identity theft, malware, and many other problems encountered online.

On an individual scale, the NPT lets you test your knowledge on privacy and cybersecurity and identify where you need to improve. It’s the first step to a safer digital life.

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NordVPN is one of the leading privacy and security service providers recognized for its strong commitment to a secure internet with no censorship.

NordVPN Social Responsibility

NordVPN Social Responsibility program contributes to global communities in a changing world – both online and offline. NordVPN aims to see the internet the way it was first envisioned – free from crime, censorship, and surveillance.

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